Saturday, August 3, 2013

My Kids Really Enjoy the Free Movies Online

I keep my kids busy when I need a break by choosing from a huge list of letmewatchthis for them to watch. They like their cartoons, and I will use the service when I need time to do a chore such as write checks to pay bills, do the dishes or other things. The twins are still very young, and I usually try to work on things while they are asleep. Most every waking hour of theirs is spent with us playing and learning together. We have a great time. However, the best way to keep them occupied right now is by watching one of their favorite animated movies. The free ones I found online are perfect for this.

Most of the time I find our daughter watching the movie while her twin brother is fast asleep. She is more like me. She is a light sleeper while our son sleeps like his dad. Just like most kids their age, I think they have seen their favorite animated movies about a dozen times each. The free movies online make it easy and very budget conscious for them to be entertained while I get some work down outside of nap time.

Dad does the same thing on his days off when nap time is too short to get a chore done. It works, and we get to be choosy about the movies they watch. I like that a lot. Plus, all it takes is a laptop or tablet put anywhere they plop themselves down. I wasn't going to tell you this, but me and dad end up watching some of the animated movies with them. We like seeing the ones we grew up with again even though we saw them dozens of times when we were kids. It's a fun thing we do together, and it works great when you have some household chores to get done without kids underfoot.

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