Monday, December 16, 2013

Dish Network Has Entertainment Packages for Everyone

Dish Network has a ton of different features that everyone from the casual television viewer to the full fledged HDTV aficionado will appreciate. Of course Dish Network also has options for everyone in between too.

The full full fledged HDTV aficionado will appreciate Dish Network's selection of High Definition Television entertainment packages. Even the entry level one, the Bronze Package, comes with twenty five High Definition channels, which is more than any of Dish Network's competitors can offer. It also comes with eighty standard definition channels. The Silver level has the same twenty five High Definition channels but adds another one hundred and twenty standard definition ones. The Gold Package adds National Geographic HD and another forty standard definition channels. And the Platinum Package adds Starz HDTV, Showtime HD, and HBO HD for a total of twenty nine High Definition channels and two hundred and forty standard definition ones. With a total of two hundred and sixty nine channels the Platinum Level HDTV entertainment package is Dish Network's largest plan.

The casual television viewer who just wants a few channels in order to stay informed and entertained at a fair price will appreciate Dish Family. Dish Family is Dish Network's economy plan which comes with forty channels including C-SPAN, Angel One, Animal Planet, the Hallmark Movie channels, Discovery Kids, and the Food Network.

Programming options for everyone between these two extremes consists of America's Top Entertainment Packages, which include versions with sixty channels, one hundred and twenty channels, and one hundred and eighty channels. These plans include great channels like TeleFutura, The Movie Channels Extra, seven different Encore movie channel, the Independent Film Channel, the FOX Movie Channel, Turner Classic Movies, CNN, Headline News, CNBC and CNBC World, Comedy Central, a slew of Discovery Channels, The Science Channel, The Learning Channel, National Geographic, Nick at Nite and Nickelodeon, Nick Toons, Toon Disney, The Disney Channel, Cartoon Network, Arts & Entertainment, E! Entertainment, Country Music Television, Great American Country, MTV and MTV2, VH1 and VH1 Classic, all of the shopping channels, TNT, USA Network, TBS, TBN, FX, Fuse, and many more.

If you need more than one hundred and eighty channels, consider America's Everything Pak, which has everything form the America's Top Entertainment Packages listed above plus four movie packages. The movie packages from HBO, Showtime, Starz, and Cinemax include channels like Starz Theater, Starz Cinema, Action Max, HBO Signature, Showtime Beyond, and FLIX.

Dish Network also delivers bilingual programing through Dish Latino Packages. Dish Latino Basic has thirty channels of Spanish language programming including TV Chile, HTV, Univision, TV Azteca, mun2, Telehit, TV Espanola Internacional, De Pelicula Clasico, MTV Espanol, Fox Sports Espanol, and more. Dish Latino Dos adds eighty nine channels in English onto the thirty in Spanish. Latino Max has the same thirty Spanish channels plus one hundred thirty English ones. DishNetwork's Latino Everything Pak has the same programming as Dish Latino Max, but with the addition of the same movie packages that top off America's Everything Pak.

Dish Network also has plenty of additional programming to customize any entertainment package. Dish Network's additional programming includes seasonal sports subscriptions like NHL On the Ice, MLB Extra Innings, NBA League Pass, and ESPN Game Day. Regional sports networks are also a great choice for hard core sports fans. DishNetwork also offers more international programming in nineteen languages including Chinese with Great Wall TV, Armenian, Hebrew, French, Italian, Portuguese, German, Korean, Japanese, and Urdu. Local channels can be added to help you keep up with what's going on in your community, and SIRIUS satellite radio is a great choice for talk and music when you're doing something that keeps your eyes off the television screen.

Whatever your entertainment needs are, Dish Network will be their to meet them with it's great programming options.

Tuesday, December 10, 2013

Stress Free in 15 Minutes - The Arts and Sciences of Guided Meditation

If you are like most people, you will understand how stressful modern life can be. Work is stressful, and now we have to deal with a recession. The good news is we can relax with meditation. Not only is it a great form of entertainment and relaxation, most importantly, it is free and you can do it anytime, anywhere.

If you are sad, lonely and depressed, I want you to do yourself a favor and give yourself a special treat today. You can do anything that make you feel good. If your budget allows, go to your favorite restaurant and order your favorite dishes. Go to a luxury spa and totally unwind. Visit your favorite shops. If you prefer free entertainment, consider a long bath at home, have a cup of herbal tea, light some candles, read, or even go to bed early. Love yourself, give yourself the permission to be happy and be in touch with your true feelings.

A fantastic way to relax and give yourself the love and joy you so needed is meditation. The best thing about meditation is that unlike going to restaurants, traveling or shopping, you can choose not to spend any money and still feel totally rejuvenated. The selection of meditation products and programs is vast. You can sign up for a $400 2-day meditation retreat, or if you have money, a $2000 trip to some sacred, faraway places like Thailand or Himalaya. You can even book a special, private spa retreat at top hotels like Four Seasons. While I am sure these journeys are great ways to help you rediscover your inner peace, I don't think it is necessary to spend that much money in order to truly benefit from meditation.

So what if you want to save money and feel relaxed at the same time? I recommend trying meditation at home with books, CDs, or online courses. Of course you can DIY and make your own meditation tapes with a recorder like some people do. While all that is fine, the problem is it is time consuming to set aside time, find a good quality microphone and special scripts, and make the tapes. Unless you already own a home studio, or have lots of experience doing audio editing, you are way better off using some aids such as books, CDs or MP3s, most meditation programs cost less than a few dollars a month anyway and you can pick up heavily discounted meditaiton books from Amazon.

If you are new to meditation I recommend guided imagery meditation. There are literally countless meditation scripts out there, some are purely for relaxation, others are more sophisticated and will guide you to learn something about yourself, your unfulfilled wants and your hidden sources of anger. If you don't have the time or money to travel, guided meditation is actually a great alternative. There are hundreds, if not thousands of meditation tracks available on the internet. There are many amazing places you can go, such as tropical island at dusk, lush rain forests or secret bamboo gardens. Most professionally produced guided meditation tracks have sound effects too, so as you close your eyes and follow the voice through the gardens, temples and rivers, you will hear the sounds of nature change as you travel in your head.

Meditation, if used properly, can help you rewrite any negative self dialogues that may exist. It is scientifically proven that meditation is linked to better concentration and empathy. Like many good things in life, it is free. Try it today and experience the power of this ancient art of relaxation.

Wednesday, December 4, 2013

Entertainment Publicity and Integrated Market Jobs On The Rise

Public Relations and Internet Marketing jobs are on the rise. It is a consumer revolution, where people get their news, information on demand, when ever and where ever they want it via social websites such as Facebook, MySpace or elsewhere Online.

The entertainment and advertising agencies are realizing there are billions of dollars to be had on the Internet. Broadcast news has made the switch, but not without challenges, and now the Writers Guild and TV and movie industry, and even high tech customers are switching to PR.

Each year I speak to the fall 2007 UCLA Entertainment Publicity class, Tuesday, October 23 at 8:00, Geology Building, room 3656. The class is endorsed by EPPS, the International Cinematographers Guild, Local 66 and it is taught by one of Hollywood's famed Entertainment Publicists Julian Myers. I highly recommend it for anyone seeking to go into this business.

The course provides a practical approach to the current world of entertainment public relations with the latest guidance and blog-site opportunities from leaders in these areas. I usually present state-of-the-art PR techniques that have earned MAYO Communications "Best Media Placement", Best Education Campaign" and "Best Online Tactics" from Public Relations Society of America, LA Chapter. I will specifically reveal trade secrets, how to prepare for what I describe as a "sometimes cutthroat" business, and "dog-eat-dog" world. I'm amongst a list of Hollywood's 30 top entertainment publicity pros schedule to speak to the UCLA class this year, which makes this class even more valuable. There is nothing like hearing great advice from the president of the Academy of Television Arts and Sciences to entertainment publicity pros who have been practicing for four or more decades.

At every university campus the best advice I leave students with: if they major in Information Technology they'll become a millionaire overnight, if they minor in it, they'll become rich in five years. Just about everything from broadcast news to "how to find or do whatever" is discovered Online. The news media has finally caught up with technology, but now consumers are sometimes even more knowledgeable, and expect more from information resources. There are more than 2,000 widgets Online, or what I describe as your life on a desktop, where you can obtain info on just about anything your heart desires thanks to Google.

In addition to the challenges of technology, budding entertainment PR and marketing pros are soon discovering that after they enter college they need a wider skill set. I recommend to anyone majoring public relations or marketing to also take business, photography, computer science and especially creative writing classes. It just makes you that much more valuable, and you can fit into more jobs available. There are lots of new media jobs today. The career opportunities and resources are endless. Only 10 years ago when students applied for jobs they had to request company information ahead of time. Now, students can surf the employer's website and read everything from annual reports to the mission and goals of the corporation. Sometimes they know more about the company than the person interviewing them.

I also recommend networking and finding a mentor before students graduate. When you graduate, you should decide where you want to live, take an entry level job in that city and just move there. Check in with your mentor as you make your moves up the career ladder, and listen to what they say, because your mentor can save you the heartache of making same mistakes we did.

For More about MAYO Communications visit or or contact Aida Mayo, MAYO Communications.

Mc Quade also writes a monthly column as the West Coast Bureau Chief of O'Dwyer PR News,, NY.