Thursday, August 15, 2013

Manchester Pubs and Bars - It's Blindingly Bright Up North!

Apparently Tory think tanks believe that many northern towns are beyond saving and that the best thing to do would be to move northern residents out of their 'predicaments' and settle them down south.

This may be surprising and outrageous news to many Northerners who were not yet aware of their 'deprived' existence in areas that have been criticised as being beyond the point of rescue or regeneration.

Of course the idea has received a barrage of criticism from the general public and MPs. I for one would be particularly unhappy if I were made to move from the spacious villages and beloved homely cities of the north to relocate south. It is doubtful that hardy Northerners would believe any think tank nonsense or take it to heart, after all those softy southerners can think about the north all they like. No one up here wastes time thinking about such tank nonsense, the pubs here are far too good for that sort of chit chat.

My recommendations of good pubs and bars in Manchester to distract you from boring chit-chat include:


One of the coolest and most impressive bars in Manchester, this baby is a great place to take visiting friends as it is guaranteed to make their jaw hit the floor. The interior is designed like a private members' bar with an arty eastern twist. Six gigantic private pod sofas adorn the floor around the spacious bar and mood lighting sets the atmosphere for those sat out in the open. Luminous orbs hang from the ceiling and DJs from all over the world play funky beats to the city's wealthy fashionable crowd. The Cinnabar has a large car park out back to cater for its customers Ferraris and Aston Martins so if you do drive don't drink too many tasty cocktails from the extensive cocktail list.


Much more soberly decorated that Cinnabar, Bacchanalia (although a mouthful of a name) will not give you an eyeful when you walk in. Solid stained oak and brown leather sofas give this bar a nice clean modern feel, perfect to enjoy a cold pint before a trip to the cinema or after a day at work. Simplicity in style is not an indication of the cocktail menu, with over 150 cocktails to choose from and an extensive wine list; don't come here if you're indecisive.


'Crazy' would be the best way to describe the interior of this pioneering Manchester bar. Serving excellent Asian cuisine dreamed up by the likes of ex-Nobu chef Paul Day and mouth-watering deserts Walrus certainly succeeds in capturing many an imagination. The brightly coloured hotchpotch interior is not dissimilar to an interactive art gallery and gives Walrus a unique and cheery atmosphere.

Odd Bar

I was tempted to review Lammars because it looks so gorgeous, but instead I decided it had to be Odd Bar because of the huge Sunday roasts and the fact that it always has customers. An easy place to hang out with your mates for hours with no need to dress up for the occasion, this pub/bar oozes chilled vibes. Entertainment at the weekend includes some great live bands and DJ's is all free and of great quality, with Piccadilly Records using their shop to supply the most coveted tunes in town.

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