Wednesday, May 15, 2013

The Key (A Fairytale) Goodbye, My Son - Chapter 11 - (Part 4)

Miraculously, I was still animate if I woke up, accepting slept well. I lit my lamp to see what the monster was up to, and could see the barbarian boring beating some tiger bones. It was anxiously watching me out of the bend of its eye, and it was perplexed. Endure night brought up things that were active so abysmal in the creatures accomplished existences that it could not bethink anytime accepting such animosity before, and it was somewhat confused.

The monster's accomplished lives that Ariya appear were absolutely hideous, including the one that beatific it to hell. I knew that if I could just acquaint the adventures to the creature, there ability be a adventitious that it would bethink its bad kamma and boldness to accomplish amends. This bond and anguish would be the alone affair appropriate for the hell getting to escape its alarming fate and activate its adventure back. The adversity would be in somehow acceptable the barbarian that I could, indeed, help. My lamp oil was active low so I abolished the flame. We sat in silence.

After a while I said, "I apperceive why you were befuddled into the hell realm."

"Really?" said the monster, sarcastically.

"Really." I answered, curtly. Do you wish to apprehend about it or not?"

"Not necessarily," it said matter-of-factly, "but if it will accumulate your apperception off getting eaten, go advanced and acquaint me all about it."

"Once, a actual connected time ago," I began, "you were active on a apple of absurd beauty. The humans were affable and kind, with their lives centered on peaceful barter and business amid the assorted countries, one of which was absolute by you. During your rule, foreigners immigrated to your country who were awfully accomplished traders, and because of their proficiency, they prospered added than the accustomed built-in citizens you represented. Alive that they would eventually abrade your political ability with their accretion numbers and influence, you became affronted of them and their accomplishments, and they became a arrow in your side. Any account of their achievements alone affronted you more; so abundant so, that eventually you fabricated a accommodation to argue your supporters that these immigrants were alarming and you began a cause to banishment them.

"The humans believed your actuating arguments as you were actual absorbing and clever. You even accomplished duke motions and accent techniques to become a acute articulation adjoin these innocent immigrants whose aloof sin was to be acknowledged in what they were accomplished at, which was blameless commerce. Your proclamations became more strident, and your abutment added as well, auspicious you to activate adamant acts adjoin these people, traveling as far as sending them far abroad from the capital centers of your country and imprisoning them in compounds. Then, as the bulk army to advance these prisons, you began killing these poor humans until every one of them was abolished . . . with the barring of one adolescent man who was overlooked.

"This adolescent immigrant, whose activity was destroyed and his ancestors murdered by your politics, hid in the countryside, and watched helplessly while his absolute chase was wiped out. If the annihilation was over, he slipped into the city, and while you were dining and adulatory your achievement over these adverse people, he came into the anteroom bearded as a server and active a artful in your heart."

I lit my lamp, risking the baby bulk of oil that remained. Now I could attending anon in the monster's eyes as I continued, "When you died, your kamma consisted of annihilation but angry accomplishments - killing and abhorrence - and you anon were chased by the beings of hell until you assuredly relented and became one of them, and afresh you affable into this cavern for refuge. And actuality you will abide until the affable rains abrasion this abundance of solid granite down to the ground, or until you see a altered way to live."

"Good!" The barbarian laughed. "I knew I was rotten, and I'm animated I dead those brainless people. And I would do it afresh if I could."

The beastly afresh became quiet . . . for a connected time. The access of my close plan from the antecedent night afflicted it deeply, and it started to bethink the appalling things it had done. It was all acutely disquieting, even to a monster.

I was absolutely acceptable a arrow in the beast's side. Things were advancing up in the hell being's apperception and affection which were abeyant for eons in this accursed cave, and the beastly was acceptable more confused. Kamma, however, is a adamant thing, and aback the monster's animality could not be diffused that quickly, it absitively there was no another but to eat me.

The beastly confused beyond the cavern and affective me with its connected claws, but aback I was cutting my abundant coat, the barbarian alone managed to grab a claw-full of fur, and as the covering was ripped off my body, a small, yellowed section of cardboard fluttered to the floor.

I had abandoned all about it until now, and afresh remembered that Sahmad had accustomed it to me abounding years ago on the mountain. The monster glanced at it with a cursory curiosity, and afresh for some aberrant acumen was accountable to aces it up. Astonishingly, he begin that he could apprehend the ambiguous writings on the baptize decrepit document!

It was a letter accounting in the age-old argument from the apple and era of the beast's endure lifetime, and was addressed to the boy who had apprenticed the artful into his heart. It was from the boy's mother, autograph him from a afterlife camp. Every captive was destined to die in a abbreviate aeon of time; the men dead on the day of accession and the adolescent girls afar out and accustomed to the soldiers for a few canicule to do with as they admiring afore they were dead as well.

The old women and accouchement were about kept alive, starving, and active for the soldiers until they were eventually herded into a architecture area they were dead by adulteration gas. The soldiers would not decay gas on just a few people, so sometimes a ages or so would go by afore they had abundant women and accouchement to ample the building.

As the beastly recalled this daydream in ablaze of its contempo acknowledgment to my close work, its censor began to bother it, and there was a audible change in the monster's affection as it began to apprehend a accursed mother's endure letter to her son:

"My angel son,

I achievement this letter finds you safe. We are all well, accession actuality endure month. Your ancestor has a job at the affected befitting the fences repaired and your sisters are allowance in the hospital. There is affluence of acceptable aliment and we accept been put up in nice houses. It is about like home and we are like a big family.

Anyway, we will not be actuality too long, and attending advanced to seeing you anon so we can to acquaint you of our adventures.

I absence you so actual much, and accept to to acquaint you how abundant I accept consistently admired you. You were such a abundance to me anytime aback you were little and you accept brightened my activity so much. It is so harder getting abroad from you at these times as I anguish about you, as I consistently have, but assurance somehow you are safe. I could not buck to apperceive otherwise.

Please yield affliction of yourself and consistently be affectionate to others, for they all ache abundantly in their own ways.

And please, consistently bethink your mother, and how abundant she consistently admired you.

Goodbye my son."

The barbarian glanced against the foreground of the cave. Everything was silent; the alone complete that could be heard was the creature's deep, abiding breathing. With the letter still in its claw, it sat down and stared at the floor, cerebration of this afflicted woman whose bedmate had just been murdered and daughters raped, alive she and her grandchildren were anon to be dead as well.

She had to blow her son one endure time but couldn't accident cogent him of the horrors she had witnessed; the murders of her bedmate and two daughters and all of her people, for abhorrence that her son would acknowledge angrily and do something that would endanger his life.

And although she could not acquaint him the truth, her affection was breaking. She knew her time was short. With cipher to admit in, she accomplished out to the alone affair she had larboard in the world, with a endure letter that would never arrive. And although she courageously approved to accumulate the letter airy and abounding of hope, it boring fell afar if she said had to say her endure good-bye.

The beastly had alone accepted with its 'head' if I aboriginal told it of its antecedent lifetime, but now it had 'seen' something with its heart, aperture up a achievability that the barbarian could avenue this hell branch and escape into the beastly world. The alone affair appropriate would be for the monster to adjudge to do it, for it was alone the creature, itself, that was captivation aback a change of heart.

I sat in blackout cat-and-mouse for the hell getting accomplish its decision. Would it abide down its aisle of assertive destruction, or would it commence on a difficult adventure to assertive freedom?

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