Thursday, May 9, 2013

MMA Wealth - How Anyone Can Cash in on the Mixed Martial Arts Craze

Mixed Martial Arts, hands down is one of the fastest growing sports in history. Thanks to the technology of the internet, satellite TV and the slow demise of boxing, MMA has grown quicker than any sport. This sport has grown from a barbaric back alley style of fighting to a scientific and sharp, disciplined form of sports and entertainment.

Many politicians who tried to get the sport banned twenty years ago attend events in Las Vegas and other major venues. Since the sport has gone global and strengthened the rules, more people continue to flock to MMA events. Many fights are reminiscent of a Hollywood premier, with major celebrities, rock stars and a whose who of the entertainment world

Other than the fact the sport continues to grow despite the economic downturn there's still more good news about this fast growing craze. The sport is still in it's infancy. That's especially good news if you're looking for untapped ground-floor opportunities.

Imagine for a second if you started marketing before the NFL grew in popularity. Or think of the money you'd have now if you started marketing before the NBA blew up. How wealthy do you think you'd be now if you started marketing on the ground floor of Major League baseball or the PGA when they first started out? Are you getting the picture yet? If not take your pulse, because that's where Mixed Marital Arts is today - but even better. But don't take my word for it, do a simple search and you'll see how popular it is and how fast it's growing with no end in sight.

But what's even better news is you don't have to get hit, punched or kicked to make big money from MMA.

In fact, did you know more money is made from this sport in marketing and merchandising than fighting. Yes, almost 10 times as much, according to the MMA Association. Growing legions of rabid fans are devouring everything in sight, from t-shirts, videos, training manuals, e-books even hip hop videos, you name it.

Thanks to Mixed Martial Arts, many fighters have gone from virtual unknowns to household names overnight. Because of popular T.V shows like the Ultimate Fighter television reality series, the sport has taken off even faster. Fighters are no longer seen as barbaric, but as toned and conditioned athletes looking for a way to feed their families by excelling in the sport. The MMA has done an excellent job of reinventing itself and repackaging it's image, a text-book example for any company or industry to make note of.

What started as a passing fad in the minds of passive onlookers, Mixed Martial Arts continues to position itself for the long hall. The sport continues to gain momentum globally and seems have taken on a virus-like life of it's own. Those alert people who take the time to get their marketing foot in the door will have a bright financial future. This sport shines as one of the few recession proof businesses. This means many fortunes wait for discovery - if you get involved with the Mixed Martial Arts craze now. The key is finding your niche market.

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