Saturday, January 5, 2013

How Copyright Protection Works in the IPR and Entertainment Industry

Copyrights are the main types of IPRs that cater to the entertainment and publishing industries. The fact that these are big businesses, it is important that all those involved know how to generate, protect and manage these rights. This can only be done with the right IPR structure.

The issue of copyright and all the other intellectual property rights is not new. In entertainment and publishing business, it is a common to have great music and books copyrighted to protect the interests of the owner. The most common areas where copyright is used include copyrights for music, copyright for movies, copyright for drama, IPR for events and also copyright for live shows.

In any entertainment industry, there are different groups that benefit from this business. These are the big industry players and the small enterprises. All of these groups have in the recent years become victims of copyright violation. However, the enterprise that suffers the most is the small entertainment business. To be able to protect the smaller player, many governments have put in place mechanisms to help them protect their works of art. Nevertheless, even with these measures the individual artist is still not getting the best out of their work due to poor structured Intellectual Property Rights (IPR).

For many years, the bulk of taking care of an individual's rights has fallen heavily on the private individual. The fact that it takes a lot of management costs to monitor and enforce the rights, many authors, musicians and artists in the entertainment industry are not able to cope. Additionally, few have the self-determination and legal support to seek a more effective copyright protection.

This issue has become even more difficult to manage because of the new technologies being invented daily. There have been many cases of copyright violations online. The main problem with the internet is that it has opened a big opportunity for high time piracy. Additionally, it does cost a lot of money to monitor such a huge platform.

Even with all these depressing news for major player in the IPR and entertainment industry, there is still hope. It is possible to enforce copyright for music, copyright for drama, copyright for lyrics and copyright for live shows online.

The insurance industry has today taken up the task to offer copyright protection services. There are many insurance companies, which insure individual's work of art. Moreover, these services also cater to small enterprises in the entertainment industry. Fortunately, these services are offered at much cheaper prices, and the private individual is assured of some compensation in case of IPR violation.

For an individual in the entertainment industry to be able to enjoy his or her work, then the right IPR protection should be sought for. This include using copyrights protection or by insuring an individual's work. In the case of online IPR violation, there are programs underway to ensure that an Internet Service Provider (ISP) become liable to any kind of copyright abuse. These mechanisms will ensure that the provider is to control the occurrence of these abuses with the use of electronic filters. Additionally, they are to carry out any action against the illegal activities.

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