Wednesday, January 2, 2013

Girl Fight - Turkish News-Columnist Arman Takes The Gloves Off Against Entertainment Queen Avsar

We mentioned back in May that Turkish beauty and entertainment queen Hülya Avsar has had her detractors. But it wasn't until recently that they began lining up against her in such numbers. And they don't mind playing rough either.

For instance, the well-respected (and usually liberal-minded) female newspaper columnist Ayse Arman led off her anti-Avsar attack in late September saying, "I don't descend to Hülya Avsar's low class!"

That remark came after a series of exchanges between columnist Arman and the loose-lipped entertainer that began when Avsar made the politically charged statement that, "Turks who want to create a separate state should go ahead and do so. Let them live the way they want to live. For example, if Kurds want to establish a Kurdish state... it's similar to Turkey's desire to join the European Union."

When she heard Avsar's remark, Arman riposted, "There are some people in show-business whose mouth-zipper is broken!"

Arman added, "Avsar should stick to what she's good, acting, singing, entertaining -- and being cute. But when it comes to political subjects, especially heavy political issues...then I say, 'Hülya... Keep away, woman!'"

These words naturally upset Ms. Avsar, and she came back with a salvo of her own. "Ayse Arman writes too much about sex in her newspaper column. She's got lovemaking, and such, on the brain. Well, she also practices what she preaches. She enticed the husband of a woman-friend of mine -- and broke up the couple's marriage. If I enter politics, I'll appoint Arman as the 'Minister Responsible for Breaking Up Happy Marriages'."

And in Arman's news-column the next day entitled, "Look At This Nasty Talk" Ms. Arman retorted, "I've learned moral lessons from almost everyone I know -- at one time or another. The one exception is Hülya Avsar...who, with a personal history like hers, has nothing to teach me or anyone else -- in the morals department."

Arman concluded..."I suppose dear readers, that you're expecting me to fire back at Ms. Avsar, aren't you...? Well, I'm afraid I'm going to disappoint...and leave her talking to herself in the gutter where she belongs!"

And it's not just Newspaper Columnists who've been having a field day with Ms. Avsar lately. Her peers in the entertainment-business too are joining ranks against her...

Part 3 -- Hülya Avsar Becomes Gossip-Fodder For TV Talks Shows

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