Monday, July 1, 2013

Prettiest Woman in Turkish Show-biz Stumbles - Will She Fall?

Why Super-Star Hülya Avsar has (skinny) dipped in the Turkish popularity polls lately...

Our mama always told us that 'familiarity breeds contempt'... And it's exactly that truism that has drawn Hülya Avsar, over the past several months, into a blossoming controversy -- for which she is largely to blame.

It actually started understandably enough... when Hülya was recovering from unhappiness... around the time she finally got the courage to divorce her philandering high-society-bum-of-a-husband, Kaya Çilingiroglu, late last year -- after Kaya admitted to national news services that he'd impregnated previously little-known socialite Feraye Tanyolaç, his latest mistress...

But having done one good thing, Hülya thought it gave her special license -- and she began to speak out on too many unrelated subjects, as if she had the answers to life's hard questions... as if everyone was interested in what she had to say.

And in the process, she exposed media watchers to much more than they ever needed to know -- including the sordid details of past love affairs (e.g. rehashed stories about the steamy affair she had as a budding starlet with notorious womanizer, [singer/actor] Ibo Tatlises, made headlines for weeks)...Then, she really turned heads as she began to spout off about weighty political issues (e.g. The 'Kurdish Question') -- causing consternation among peers, regular citizens, the media, and political leaders alike. But she just blustered on, confident in her righteousness.

The controversy picked up speed recently when she got publicly entangled in an embarrassing relationship with a wealthy Turkish-Italian businessman who exchanged headline insults with Ibo Tatlıses (as Hülya watched on -- half in exasperation, half in shame). Shortly thereafter she made more headlines when the paparazzi caught her skinny dipping in her summer-house swimming-pool (see newsphoto at our website link below). And then yesterday, for some unknown reason, she decided to publicly revisit the details of a 20-year-old affair she had with ex-footballer Tanju Çolak, a married man with young children at the time. Here's the quote she gave to Hürriyet Gazetesi.

'My love for Tanju Çolak was a mistake of youth. We had an affair 20 years ago -- and I've always felt regret about it. After the affair was over, I sought out Aysu Hanim (Tanju Bey's wife) and said, "I acted like an animal, and I'm filled with regret. I made a mistake, I fell in love. I'm sorry." Aysu Hanim accepted my apology and their marriage has survived. They have two grown children now, but the family still feels discomfort from hearing this kind of news.'
Ed. Well, duh Hülya...So why reopen the wound now?

This unraveling of the once unassailable 'Avsar Girl' (as she's known to her fans) has been closely watched by peers and certain influential news columnists -- and many of them (who have seen and heard enough) are coming out of the woodwork, guns a'blazing -- criticizing Hülya contemptuously in ways we never dreamed we'd hear...

Part 2 -- Girl Fıght! Turkish Newspaper Columnist Ayse Arman 'takes the gloves off' against
Beauty and Entertainment Queen Hülya Avsar

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